Why stop at just your truck bed?

Adding a rugged tough look to your vehicle is now available in a multitude of color options. Partial vehicle sprays for rocker panels or wheel wells. Other applications include a three-tier class of light, medium and heavy-duty, cars, bikes and anything you can imagine.

Why spray your vehicle with bed liner?

From going hunting in the bush or off-roading to shopping carts or your annoying neighbor dinging your car door with his, bed liner paint job will protect your vehicle.

Can I paint over bed liner?

You can, but we recommend something even better. Bedliner comes in a clear form so we can mix any paint colors, metallics or pearls in before spraying on your chosen application.

Is the bed liner paint job well detailed?

Yes, view our gallery below! We can paint the outer shell, complete door jambs, under the hood or even floor pans. More options for vehicle restoration or improvement can be discussed in detail, just contact us.