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We have partnered with multiple car and truck dealerships, as well as performance shops, and other businesses alike to provide a safe, clean, install if on-site installation is not an option.

We also provide services to commercial and residential properties with a wide array of films giving the look of elegance, or the strength of security films to saving money on eco-friendly films which help reduce the solar heat penetration and offers 99.99 UV protection.

We are available upon appointment 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Tinting a full vehicle will usually take about 2 hours to complete. Residential and commercial building tinting will usually be completed within one day.


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Frequently Asked Questions

My vehicle does not have insurance, but I want tint? I work full time hours and cannot afford the time to drop off and pick up my vehicle? My car is broken and not drivable but I want tint?

Yes, we do offer mobile services pending suitable work environments, ie. heated garages in the winter etc. Mobile window tinting can be done as long as its in a garage or shop out of the wind, rain, sun and snow. There is a surcharge of $10 in the city, $20 for a 100km radius and additional costs for further single vehicle.

I have some friends and we all want tint, do you offer group rates?

Yes, we do offer group discounts for multiple vehicles as long as all vehicles are present or special arrangements are made to guarantee that all vehicles are to be done.

How dark are automotive films?

Automotive Films are available in four main shades or approximate light transmissions: 50%, 35%, 15% and 5%. These numbers correspond to how much light the film allows in. 5% or “limo” tint is the darkest shade allowing only 5% of the light to pass into the vehicle.

Will it help my air-conditioning unit in my vehicle?

Applying window film to your vehicle will help reduce heat gain into your driving compartment, for superior heat rejection, why not spend a little more and go with a top of the line film known as Ceramic.

Why do I see bubbled or purple tint on cars?

The tint is either very old or of poor quality. Most older/cheap films, will discolour and turn purple. When this is accompanied by bubbles, the film used was most likely a cheap brand. The bubbles are a result of glue breakdown causing the tint literally lift from the glass, the purple discolouration is caused by a breakdown of cheap dyes used in making the films.

I got a lower quote from the guy next door, why should I choose Executive Tinting?

We pride ourselves in honesty and integrity, so much so that we offer a lifetime, year-roud warranty on all installs. We can also guarantee that we use a top-quality brand know as Llumar. Unlike most cheap window tinters who carry multiple brands, you never quite know what you are getting installed on your vehicle. We offer a wide array of other services provided by specified technicians from the shop such as paintless dent removal through Miracle Dent, full auto detail through Diamond Cut.

What is the difference between after-market tinting and factory tinted windows?

Some truck and sport utility vehicles come from the manufacturer with glass that has been darkened using an electrical process called “deep dipping”. Major film manufacturers have formulated tinting materials to closely match the factory tinted glass allowing the front door windows of some truck and SUVs have window tint with a legal matching shade. It is also possible to apply after market window tinting over factory tinted glass to make the windows darker and to improve performance. In other words, “factory tint” means the dye is actually in the glass, it can never be removed. “Aftermarket tint” is a transparent paper with an adhesive side that bonds to the glass, it can be installed and removed if needed.

Will the tint damage my rear defroster?

No it will not. We tint right over top of it. The defrosters can be used right away without affecting the tint.

Can you have window tinting applied to your windows in wet or cold weather?

Yes! With the modern 3M adhesive systems found on today’s window tinting products, it is possible to have your car windows tinted even in the coldest weather. However, the curing time may be extended in adverse conditions. We take the weather into consideration during installation, allowing more time to apply heat to the edges of the tint to activate the drying process.

How is automotive film applied? How long does it take?

Automotive glass is curved. Since window films are flat, putting film on auto glass is like trying to wrap a basketball with a sheet of paper and not getting any wrinkles. We have various methods of installation including stretching, seaming or piecing and heat-molding to combat this problem. All these methods have proven successful and guarantee a form fitted application. Most cars take approximately one hour to complete.

How do black dots and lines at the edge of a window on newer cars affect window tinting?

The black dots, or dot matrix patterns, as well as the lines at the top of some windows are made of a Teflon type of material that is applied during the production of your vehicle. Purely cosmetic, they hide trim lines and edges on different styles of autos. The thickness of these Teflon type areas make them a nightmare when applying window tint. Window tint is designed to adhere directly to the glass. The black lines across the top of some windows can prevent window tint from sticking and cannot be covered. When black dots are encountered, the window tint sticks to the slightly raised dot. This can give, depending on the thickness of the material, a lighter or different look in the area of the black matrix dots. This poses no risk of peeling. In some cases, the dot pattern or lines usually put at the top of some windows are so thick that it makes it impossible for the tint to stick at all. No one in the world can get a perfect install on the Dot matrix pattern, however, after a few days of drying time it most often adheres to the glass better.

Mobile Tinting what is this?

Executive Tinting is the first tinting company to specialize in a mobile service to better suit our customers busy schedules. We offer a service that saves the hassel of making an appointment at a shop and having to miss work and trying to find a ride to drop off your car and pick up your car the next day missing work again or missing valuable family or recreational time which is not only a headache, but when you figure out the amount of money your spend on fuel for the two vehicles and the time you miss from work your tint job ends up costing more than you expected. We can come to you! 24 hours a day! 7 days a week (weather permitting)! and provide a nice clean professional install . If you do not have a garage or shop to do your vehicle do not worry, Executive Tinting has built relationships with many car dealerships across the city of Winnipeg, rural areas, performance shops and other businesses alike to provide our service to you. We encourage you take advantage of our unique mobile service. You do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home and you can drive your vehicle right after the install is done, rather than picking it up the next day. There is a surcharge for this service of $10 in the city, $20 for a 100km radius and additional costs for further single vehicle.